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  • Kashyyyk Hunting Armor

    I just put out a few sets of Kashyyyk Hunting armor Body and Legs to help out our Wook friends!

    Without enhancements they are coming out as 80Kin, 73Ener and 56Base and also 79Kin, 38Stun and 51Base. If you bring in your own Janta Hides I can make the base higher or if you bring in NS Shards (I think) I can lower the endurance. Custom armor with your own enhancements will cost a little extra due to hand crafting each item to fit in the enhancements. Custom colors will not cost any extra as long as no enhancements are involved. I will not be making any bracers unless requested and I will never make Black Mountain or Ceremonial Armor.

    I have no intentions of making Composite armor but if Ithorians need a little love just let me know, I will make a few sets. As far as I know Composite and Ithorian armor use the same components so before you come to me ask Bew if he can help you out.

    RIS armor may come in the future but for now I'm focusing on trying to make better Wook armor.


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    The sets are now coming in at 80K/32S/56Base Unsliced! All four pieces come in at 613 Health, 538 Action and 624 Mind Encumbrance.

    Janta Hides can increase the Base % and Nightsister Shards can lower the HAM costs, but they both need to come in stacks.

    Minimum Size:
    Body = Stack of 5
    Leg = Stack of 4
    Right Bracer = Stack of 3
    Left Bracer = Stack of 3

    Sockets are not guaranteed if you bring your own enhancements.
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