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  • Entertainer y Medical Buffs (Live Server)

    Just thought I would drop a note that I got some Med Buffs crafted today, and except for Quick (1000 something). I can do all other stats in the 1150's, and I think their Duration is about 2.5 hours, and also I have PAWG back in Cantina (need to /watch /listen for about 5 for full 2 hr buff) if you need Ent Buffs. She is a Master Entertainer/Dancer/ID/Musician

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    I'm working on an entertainer as well. Great job on getting some buffs together! I'm slowly working into architect and will try to craft up some deeds for the market.


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      Yeah I have a Master Arch if you need Training as well as a Master Tailor. Just could use that double xp back *lol*...


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        I have Mat Farmer setup in cantina /tumbling if you medics need him for grinding.